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Writing a blue streak...
In Stitches 
18th-Jun-2008 07:17 am
I got news that Monday night Lily was running barefoot over Paul's old and decrepit deck. She got a sliver the size of a tree trunk in her foot and had to go to ER to have it CUT out. She now has 5 stiches. Naturally, I gave Paul the 'whatfor' and told him to fix his freakin' deck now that our girl almost lost a foot (ok, mellow drama). But anyway, I'm bummed cuz we just got a tandem bike (she calls it "the two-person bike) to go biking with Lil --she's not too into riding solo-- and now we can't go riding until the darn thing heals. BLAST it all.

When I asked Lily if her stitches hurt when she got 'em and she said: "No, Nana, stitches don't hurt! You should get some."

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