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Writing a blue streak...
I heart my new bike 
7th-Aug-2008 10:24 am
 I never thought I'd be in love with a bicycle. It'll pass soon, I'm sure. I've been biking 3 or more times/wk this summer -- not long rides, but about 10 miles per. and in Burnsville there's soooo many hills. Big hills. And I MUST conquer the hills! My old (2 yr old) hybrid was not doing hills so good. And frankly, I thought I was just going to trail ride with it. But I rode the old girl to Penn Cycle after work yesterday with the intention of getting a computer and new pedals installed and ended up test driving a few bikes. Bought me a new one that does hills much better. What I really wanted was a road bike but there's no suspension on those (ya hafta buy those padded bike pants) and they start at $1K for a nice one. That'll be my next bike :). I took a little 3 miler on it this morning.

I heart my new bike.
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