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Writing a blue streak...
Almost done... 
14th-Aug-2008 06:49 am

It's my second to last day at Lawson. This is what I love about contracting: get in, do some work (usually a project but in this case a whole mess of editing and training material development), get a hefty paycheck (or many), and six months later, leave. No baggage. No tears. Hopefully, no stupid cake. LOL (funny how employers like to give you cake when you leave... not when you start mind you... but when you leave... weird). I'm confident hoping that sometime in the next month or so (ok 2 wks would be nice) I'll have another gig to hate love. Got a few irons in the fire -- thought I had a sure thing but of course it fell through -- and hoping for a not-too-terrible commute and of course big money (ha!). 

During my hiatus I plan to do the following:

Hang with Lily
Fly to CA to visit my boy man-child
not work
sleep late
eat healthy
pull some weeds
clean out my closet 

(ok these last two smell a lot like work so I may forgo those)

I'll keep ya posted...

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