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Writing a blue streak...
Insomnia sucks. Biking does not. 
4th-Sep-2008 08:06 pm
i biked 22.5 miles with my friend Lisa today. Then we went to Free Wheel bike shop by the U and test drove some road bikes. The one I rode retailed for $2500. It was the bomb. Except it had zero suspension and I felt every bump. But it was one of those that you practically bend all the way over and touch your toes to ride (not really). And it weighed practically nothing. Carbon frame. I could have carried it over my head up the stairs at the GG bridge last weekend. I wish I could just drive a new bike every day.

Now i'm tired. Tony's washing dinner dishes and I am thinking about going to sleep. This has been approx. a solid week with wicked insomnia. I'm getting SOME sleep every night. I fall asleep, but sometimes it feels like i just THINK i'm sleeping and then wake up 1-2 hours later and I can't fall back to sleep for hours. And regardless, I'm up by 7. It sucks.

I realize I haven't blogged (beyond the photos) about my trip to visit Kris in CA. Soon. Before I forget.
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